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Congratulations on making the choice to tap into the infinite source of energy within you and around you.

You can, and you will, have more clarity on how to take control of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

This is how:

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The Time is Now.
Take control and revitalize your bodily systems.
Receive full awareness of energy to heal and transform.


You will develop energy sensitivity practices through gained awareness of emotional-energetic communication.

This will help you take care of your well-being, enhance intuitive decision making and bring clarity to your daily life.

We will dive into a wealth of information, practice specialized techniques and create a formation of discipline.


By the end of the training, you will:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of what energy is and why we should be aware of it
  • Experience new dimensions of life with the knowledge and avenues of thought that this course offers
  • Realise the ability to awaken energy at will for helping yourself and others emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically
  • Have the keys to experiencing purposeful direction in your life – the power is in your hands
  • Have gained insight into the depths of your subconscious and reawaken your inner child

In-depth study

15 video lessons

3 transcription PDFs

6 practical exercises

21-day planner and worksheets
for implementation


You will be guided through this journey into heightened and awakened energy awareness.

The instructor is here
to talk and answer questions.

Each module is created in a way
to ease you into the information.

Energy Sensitivity Training consists of 3 modules:


Module 1 - A thorough explanation of energy with scientific background.

So that you can build a foundation of belief.
Your mental energy will be free and released from doubt.
Vital energy builds mental fortitude, energetic awareness is then laid upon that foundation.

Module 2 - Practical exercises for the physical, mental and energetic bodies. In this module we combine the fundamental principles of several practices into three distinct, practical categories.

You will put into practice the wealth of information absorbed from
the systems presented in Module 1.
Engage in exercises for mind, body and spirit.
Feel the benefits manifest, here and now.

Module 3 - Turning theory and exercises into a discipline that will stick.

So that you can implement a customised routine for a long lasting energy practice
that propels us along our own unique path to energetic abundance.
Enjoy a 21-day planner with guidance to reconnecting to energy.

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The Pioneers of the 21st Century

Are Those Who Journey Inwards


Most of us know very well about how our physical bodies work. We are aware of what we see, smell and touch in our physical world.

But we also sense that there is more than what is clearly in front of us.
What is it? Why is it important to explore that side of our existence?

If you have been feeling powerless, trapped, disconnected, like you’re going down a track where it feels like life is just happening to you, having the answers to the above questions will open doors to a new reality.

Around 10 years ago, I was trapped and disconnected from energy. At that time I chose to travel the world and see the proof of consciousness unity for myself, whilst studying in places where energetic traditions emanate from.

I developed my own practice that draws on inspiration from many rather than a few. Accepting new directions and new teachings over confining myself to one.

I wish to help you find your own joy in energy practises. Not attempt to teach you how to replicate the joy that I have found. The information here is a collection of study and practise that I have wished to collate for many years.


Why Now?

Energetic awakening comes in waves and right now
we are at the beginning of a huge spiritual awakening.

Those who begin to ride the wave now,
will experience the benefits from the top of the wave.

Waiting until later,
will mean having to do more work to keep up.

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